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About Us

Welcome to Philadelphia Dance Connection, where we offer a dynamic range of dance styles to inspire and excite dancers of all levels. Our studio is the perfect place to explore your passion for movement and expression, with a diverse range of classes catering to popular social dance styles like salsa lessons, bachata, Latin hustle, and many more. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a beginner taking your first steps on the dance floor, our experienced instructors are here to guide you through every move and help you build your confidence on the dance floor With a focus on technique, creativity and most of all, enjoyment, our classes provide a welcoming and supportive environment for dancers of all ages to thrive and grow. Come and join our community, meet new people, and discover the joy and energy that comes through making connections and dancing!   At Philadelphia Dance Connection, we offer a range of dance classes for adults, including group classes, individual private lessons, deep-dive workshops on particular dance styles, performance and competitive teams, studio showcase events, and social dances open to the public where you can put your learning into real-life action. For kids ages 3-17, we offer group courses in Ballet, Hip Hop & Salsa.

Meet Our Team

Headshot of Sharonne Vinokurov
Sharonne Vinokurov



Sharonne Vinokurov is the Founder/Artistic Director of Prima Dance Company and a World Champion with titles for Salsa, Bachata and Latin Hustle. She has been a dancer her entire life...

Headshot of Rebecca Katz
Rebecca Katz


Rebecca Katz is one of the founders of Philadelphia Dance Connection, and an avid competitive and social dancer across many dance styles, including ballroom dance and Latin dance....

Headshot of Joe Figueroa
Joe Figueroa


Joe Figueroa has been a Philadelphia Latin Dance mainstay for over twenty years. His versatility as a dancer, performer, teacher, promoter and DJ along with his love for Latin dance has given him the title "The One Man Show."...

Michael Petroski


A native of Northeast Philadelphia, he started his theatre and dance career at an early age. He began performing in community theatre with...

Our Studio



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